Working in different contexts in the independent, festival, and mainstage contexts has brought me to an interest in the intersection between dramaturgy and producing. How do the structures we set up to support and facilitate the creation of theatre influence the creation and reception of the work? Most lead artists in the independent sector find themselves inhabiting the role of producer at some stage - its a necessity of the field, but an area that is generally undernourished in artist training.


How can artists have an exchange with the curatorial process of venues, companies and festivals? How does curatorship lead or respond to the dramaturgy of a project? How does the framing of a theatre work occur, and how can artists interact with it enable an integrated and comprehensive experience for the audience?


This is an emerging arm of my practice, stimulated by my work with the New Working Group, NO SHOW, Next Wave, Darebin Arts and Malthouse. Produced works to date include Dream Home by Emilie Collyer (Darebin Arts), GROUND CONTROL by Bridget Balodis & Rachel Perks (Next Wave; Brisbane Festival), and Anti-Hamlet by Mark Wilson (Theatre Works). I have worked as an Assistant Producer for Darebin Arts on their Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival programs.