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4000 Miles

a play by Amy Herzog
directed by Mark Pritchard
4000 MILES_1304.jpg

Twenty year old Leo, fresh from an epic life changing bike trip, shows up at his feisty grand-mother’s apartment in downtown New York. At once sympathetic and wonderfully antagonistic, both challenge and discover the depths of their relationship and their disparate understanding of the world of powerful, surprising and affecting work that has established it as one of the plays of 2012.

Written by Amy Herzog (US)

Directed by Mark Pritchard

Starring Julia Blake, Ngaire Dawn Fair, Haiha Le and Tim Ross.

Set Design: Sophie Woodward

Lighting Design: Clare Springett

Sound Design: Russell Goldsmith and Chris Wenn

Stage Manager: Brit Haining

Produced by Red Stitch Actors Theatre (2013)

“Instead of action, Herzog offers us a kind of experiential immersion salted with wise-ass dialogue. The playwright allows us to experience the weird intimacy of this unusual duo, in all its tawdry complexity… 4000 Miles is hard to categorise, but it’s very easy to like.”

- Chris Boyd, The Australian

"Mark Pritchard has taken these four talents and created a beautifully balanced production. Some of his choices are brave, for example backlighting the most moving scene in the play and letting Leo and Vera play out their awkwardness and pain in silhouette. It works brilliantly. He’s young, and not afraid of character and emotional diversity. Indeed, he seems to direct the emotion rather than the text so that the entire experience is more subtextual than it might have been. We can expect great work from him in the next decade."

- Carol Drouyn, Stage Whispers

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