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Broader Applications of Dramaturgy

I'm interested in taking taking the ideas of dramaturgy and curation outside of their traditional contexts, and seeing how they can add value to projects beyond the walls of the gallery or theatre.


Through the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation, I’ve consulted on:

  • Public Art Field Guide (Lynda Roberts/Public Assembly)
    Dramaturgical support on a series of performance nodes for Lynda's PhD on public art, including a public art card game, and a series of walking tours.

  • The SWELL series (Janenne Willis) – consulting on the facilitation aspect of an interactive music experience, presented in different forms over multiple years of Melbourne Music Week, and at the Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda.

  • The Sound of Shadows: Sugar Coated (Bianca Gannon) – Storyboarding a concert of endangered Indonesian instruments at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

  • Forest Guardians (These Are The Projects We Do Together) – Developing a process-based methodology for the performative aspect of temporary sculpture 

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